Tuesday, 23 April 2013

From Soil to Table: What I Learned at a Raw Foods Course

Earlier this month, I attended a course at the Grande Prairie Regional College called RAW01.

I came across this course as I was surfing the college website, looking for something new to learn. I've been feeling a little bit stuck lately, and wanted to try something new and challenge myself.

Since I've been putting in a little more effort into living a healthier life lately (mentally and physically), this course appealed to me. And to be honest, I had no idea what to expect...

It was great right from the get-go. There were all different types of people attending it, and they were all very friendly. The instructor's name was Lila Chenail and she had recently moved to Grande Prairie from the Okanagan Valley.
Lila was nice - she was a little all-over-the-map, but it was clear that she had a passion for eating raw and living a positive, healthy life. So I started to take notes.

Retrieved from www.RawFoodForlife.org

I know this sounsd silly, but I didn't even think about it while registering for RAW01 that it is a food course about cooking and eating ONLY raw foods. That means that nothing is cooked over 105F, and nothing is processed. Nothing. That seems a little extreme for my liking, but Lila swore by it. She said it changed her life. Her energy, her aches and pains...all of it went away and she feels younger than ever. Amazing.

We tried a few snacks, meals and desserts and yup, they were all delicious.

This course definitely inspired me to be more conscious about what I put in my mouth, be more creative with non-processed healthy foods, and to try and feel better by taking care of myself from the inside-out.

I know I'm not ready to eat only 100 per cent raw foods, but I think I'd like to get there someday.

Before I begin to share some recipes with you (which I will continue to do in future blog posts), here are some highlights from the class. Some of them were new to me, and some served as nice reminders:

1.      Almonds are the healthiest kind of nut for a person to eat.
2.      Quinoe is the healthiest grain.
3.      Freeze garlic and it is easier to shave and to add to foods.
4.      Try to eat 70 per cent water-based foods.
5.      Try something three times before you say you don't like it. Taste buds adjust.
6.      Drink lemon water.
7.      Never eat white sugar.
8.      Never eat aspartame.
9.      Try soaking nuts and seeds before eating them. They are harder on your system, otherwise. They will taste different after soaking, but remember, taste buds adjust!
10.  Eat the way Mother Nature intended many years ago & know where your food comes from.

One of the things we tasted during this course was a delicious Cashew Dip. Here are the ingredients - and trust me, this dip was to die for! Very easy, healthy and simple:

All natural raw Cashew Dip:
  • Soak some cashews and pine nuts over night
  •   Blend together in the morning
  • Add:
    •  Apple Cider Vinegar
    • Garlic
    • Basil
    • Pine Salt
  •  Blend again and serve cool!
Now remember, I did say that this instructor was a little all over the place, so no, she didn't give us specific amounts of how much of each ingredient we should include in this. She just said make it to taste. Try adding a little bit of each at the beginning and take it from there.

If you try to make it yourself, let me know how it works out for you.


Thanks for reading,