Friday, 17 May 2013

Favorite thing Friday: New York

There’s something about this place.

I guess that’s why there are hundreds of songs written about it, movies made here and people flock to it.

I love the energy, the culture and the passion.

I love that no matter who are you or what you do, there is a place for you.

No one cares what you look like or what you wear – and if they do, you never have to see them again.

There is always someone better and someone worse, so who cares?

It’s beautiful - with the water and the bright lights and the collection of different people.

It’s loud and bustling and busy – it’s where the best of the best come, and where everything happens.

It inspires me to want to do more and be a better person.

To live a fuller, more exciting and challenging life.

I want to live every day like this: Not worrying about the little things and making my dreams come true.

I love this place. I heart NY.