Friday, 28 June 2013

What you need to stop doing to make your life better

I think there a lot things that some people may do, without even realizing it, on daily basis that are harmful to their overall health and wellness and I wanted to share some of the things that I think we should all try to stop doing.

Take a look at this list and see if any apply to you:

Criticizing the way you look
Would you let someone talk to your best friend, sister, brother or parent the way you talk to yourself? Probably not, so stop it. You are beautiful just the way you are. Listen to what your friends say about you, and believe them. You’re hair doesn’t have to look perfect and if you don’t want to wear a lot of makeup, then don’t. To help get you started on this train of thought, make a list of things that you love about yourself and write them down. Title it: I Am Beautiful. If you're having trouble getting started, ask a close friend or loved one for their help.

Expecting too much of yourself
I know you are probably a motivated, independent, successful person, but do you really think you can do everything? Expecting too much of yourself is setting yourself up for failure. Prioritize your to-do’s and make a list for the day. If you are setting big goals, don’t forget that it takes baby steps to get anywhere and be patient with yourself. Just do your best and know that it is good enough.

Putting energy into things that don't really matter
Does it matter that a certain person didn’t call you back right away, or – this is my favorite – that someone has un-friended you from Facebook? In the world we live in today, we often get caught up in a swarm of superficial issues and worry about things that ultimately don’t, and shouldn’t, have a big impact on your life and overall wellness.

I find the best way to cure this is to go and do something selfless. Do something for someone - anyone. Buy someone’s coffee or lunch or head down to your local food bank for a couple of hours. Sign up for a volunteer event for a few months down the road – this way you can work your schedule around it and have something to look forward to. Do something that will help you get some perspective on your life and the world we live in.

Comparing yourself to others
You will never be anyone else but you, so why waste your time wishing you were something or someone else? If you compare your life to other people’s lives, you will always find someone new who you think is above you, and your self-esteem will be constantly diminishing. You have to be happy with who you are and the life you live. Remember that you are here to live your life, not someone else’s, and know that you offer something to this world that no one else will ever be able to, and that is you.

Spending too much time connected
This is something almost our entire society does these days. We are always checking our email, social networking sites, and are committed to certain television programs that we arrange our lives around to make sure we are sitting down and watching them. Limit the amount of time you can spend plugged it. Take some apps off of your smart phone or cancel your cable. Read a book, go outside, or try cooking something new for dinner. We tend to forget that life happens outside of our smart phones, not within.

I’m not an expect, but I feel confident in saying that if we stopped doing these things, then the risk of developing anxiety, depression and physical problems (such as, maybe aches, pains and more) will decrease.

Pay attention to your daily routine. I’m curious to know if these are things that you catch yourself doing on a daily basis.

Thanks for reading!