Friday, 5 July 2013

Favorite Thing Friday: Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil

I've mentioned before that I have a blood and circulation disorder, called Reynauds. It's chronic and painful, and I am always looking for new ways to help manage it.

I wear gloves as often as I can and exercise regularly. I take garlic and cayenne pepper supplements on a daily basis to help keep my body warm. There are no medications I can take to help improve my disorder, and despite my efforts, I haven’t found anything that really helps warm my hands up...until recently.

I’ve started using this little, delicious gem called Cinnamon Leaf. It's an essential oil and you can get it anywhere. I bought mine from Save on Foods during my regular trip to the grocery store, and it’s not very expensive.

I add about two or three drops of Cinnamon oil to my hot drinks. A person doesn’t need very much – it’s pretty strong. A few cinnamon drops taste good when mixed with just hot water, and also tastes good in lemon, berry, and Chai tea.

Within the first week of drinking this concoction, I noticed a big difference in the circulation of my hands and feet, and in the overall warmth of my body.

While sipping on my tea, I can literally feel my hands getting warmer and loosening up. By the time I’ve finished drinking one beverage, my hands have turned colour to a nice bright red - a sign that my fingers are finally getting some blood flowing to them.

I’ve read that this happens because cinnamon helps to improve circulation by thinning a person’s blood. It is also an anti-inflammatory oil, which helps to release joint pain and stiffness - and I am a true testament to this!

Cinnamon also has many other health benefits, such as controlling blood sugar levels, and it has antibacterial properties, so it helps to fight infections, too. Of course, you can use it as an aromatherapy or to cook with, as well.

If you are ever cold, or looking to add a new, delicious, healthy twist to one of your favorite drinks, I highly suggest trying Cinnamon Leaf essential oil.

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