Friday, 26 July 2013

Favorite Thing Friday: Having a Voice

I am by no means a subject matter expert on women's right. In fact, I should probably be ashamed of how little I know about the issue across the globe.

I know there are certain roles, expectations and regulations that many women have to abide to around the world, depending on where they live.

Based on the little information that I do know, it amazes me. Some days it seems surreal to think that at one point, here in Canada, women were not even allowed to vote. Still today there are many fights they have to be equal with men, and the issues around other parts of this world women face are hardly fathomable. 

But I can't even begin to explore women's rights, suffrage, and discrimination in one simple blog post.

What I want to write about today is my gratitude to all people who have fought to reach the level of equality and opportunity that women in this world have achieved thus far, and to acknowledge that changes have been made and hopefully progress continues.

I want to thank old and new role models who stood their ground and fought for what they believed in.

I want to especially thank many of the men in this world who support and respect the women in their lives, and all women in general, who they not only treat as equal but sometimes give them the extra encouragement they need to get out of their comfort zone. The men who encourage women to say what they mean, and then support them when they say it. To fight harder than anyone else to be the best at what they do - whether that be a stay at home mom or a CEO of a fortune 500 company.

I know I am lucky to be able to express my thoughts, have a voice, be myself, and live the life that I want. I know there is still a lot of inequality across the world, that things are not perfect, and that they probably never will be.

I am fortunate that I can make my own choices. I can chose what I want to wear each day that I get up in the morning and I decide what I do with my time. It really is a blessing, and every day I am thankful to live in a world where this is possible.

Enjoy your life and appreciate all things. 

Live for you. 

Some of my two favourite books that have influenced me on this subject are Princess by Jean Sasson and most recently, Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend.