Friday, 9 August 2013

Favorite Thing Friday: Baby Animals & the Science of Cuteness

If you visit my Pinterest boards, you’ll see one titled Animals. I was looking through it the other day and noticed that almost all Pins are pictures of baby animals. Aside from the fact that they are so adorably melt-my-heart cute, I started thinking about why baby animals are so special.

I’m probably on this baby-animal-train because as part of Kody’s birthday present, I bought him a kitten. He’s wanted another farm cat for a while, so when I found that I thought he’d like, I claimed him as ours. The cat is a flame-point Siamese and Kody named him Robert. We hope that someday he will grow up to be like Kody’s other cat, Murphy, who is a 13 year old seal point Siamese and has more of a personality than a dog than a cat. He’s smart, cuddly and comes when you call him.

I’ve never had a kitten before. I grew up having dogs, and therefore was never much a cat person. But I think getting Robbie has changed that.

He is the cutest little thing. Unfortunately, I think the lady that we bought him from gave him to us a little too early, so he was very tiny and scared when we first got him. It made me want to snuggle with him even more (if that’s possible) and make sure his milk was always warm for him. That was about two weeks ago, and I’ve loved watching him become more comfortable in his home, feeling safe and confident, all the while learning and developing a bit of a personality. Now he’s a couple of weeks older, and he’s much more quiet and playful then he was when we first brought him home.
I absolutely adore him and worry that I am possibly becoming one of those crazy ladies. But I think it’s safe to say I swoon over Robbie the kitty probably as much as I would any other baby animal.

Why baby animals melt my heart:

They are so cute

I know, this one is a little obvious...but as far as I’m concerned, mini anything is cute, let alone little paws and ears.


They need you! They don’t know how to make it quite on their own yet. I think baby animals, let alone pets, bring out the nurturing side in everyone.

Smart and instinctual

They are still their own being. All puppies will sniff or bark, and all kittens will play with strings and hunt after mice.

On top of all of these personal opinions I have about loving baby animals, here is a video that states we are scientifically more drawn and attracted to baby animals! I thought it was interesting.

Learn more about the Science of Cute here

Robbie, the day we brought him home.
Don't forget: If you love one and are loved by an animal, consider yourself lucky.

They are bound to bring a smile to your face.