Saturday, 12 October 2013

Favorite Thing Friday: DIY Floor Cleaner

I like to try new, home-made, natural, green-cleaning recipes. So when my Swiffer West Jet ran out of cleaner, I thought I would try making my own.

I love the Swiffer West Jet mop itself and just wanted to re-fill its container with my own concoction.

It worked really well! I am impressed with how easy it was to make, and it cleaned my floors nicely.

First of all, the lid doesn't come off of the Wet Jet containers very easily. So I boiled some water, and stuck the bottle upside-down in it for about 10 seconds.

With the help of a towel around the lid, it twisted off nicely. Ta-da!

Then I mixed:

- Equal parts of warm water and vinegar (I used two cups of each)
- A couple drops of dish soap, to help get the floors extra clean
- Five drops of eucalyptus oil, for its scent and anti-bacterial proprieties
- Ten drops of peppermint oil, also for its scent and anti-bacterial properties
- And a couple drops of baby oil, to help get that extra shine

It worked great!

I am really impressed at how easy and cost-efficient it was to make. It smells nice, too.

I think next time I going to try it with lemon essenial oil to get that fresh, clean smell.

If you try it, let me know how it works out for you. Or if you have any other green-cleaning recipes, I would love to hear them.

Thanks for reading!