Thursday, 26 February 2015

BuddiBox: What it is and why I ordered it

I need more yoga in my life.

You know how it goes between work, family, running a household, eating healthy, maybe throwing a couple of children into the gets busy. Having a yoga practice or being physically active in other healthy ways is important, and having the time to read a book becomes a luxury.

But that doesn't mean you can't treat yourself. In fact, you should. You deserve it. I know I do.

I didn't always think of myself as a priority in my life, but yoga has helped me understand and accept that being selfish is ok sometimes. I also understand the value of hard work and life-long learning and always appreciate the things I have because I'm willing to work for them.

So that being said, I had been eyeing up BuddiBox for a while.

BuddiBox is an organization that ships out a box of surprise yoga goodies once a month. The price per box/per month varies depending on how long you sign up for, but I loved the thought of having yoga-inspired products show up at my doorstep. One day I decided to treat myself and order it.

The price, with shipping, came to under $40 in total for me. Right after ordering it, a sale went up online. 

Damn, I thought. I had just missed it.

I sent the company a Facebook message seeing if they would give me the discount. Within 10 minutes I heard back from them.

"Yes, no problem."

Great! I liked this place already.

A couple of weeks later I went and picked up my little BuddiBox. It came in the mail quickly, and it
was glorious! In it included a beautiful, bright prayer scarf from India, organic lip balm, a chakra necklace, karma bracelet, chocolate, discount codes to ethical online stores and more. Aside from these delicious material items, I received a recipe card, an inspirational quote card, and a nice breakdown of wheel/upward bow pose.

It made my day.

What I love about this box is that it contains things I never would have picked out or found for myself. It's expanded my horizons and educated me on different yoga products. It also helps keep my love for yoga fresh and growing, and reminds me that there is a whole world out there of yoga-inspired creations I don't know about.

Yoga is my passion. And while I don't have enough time to practice the Asanas (physical poses) as much as I'd like to, I remind myself that there are other ways to grow as a yogi. I'm working on embracing more of the philosophy of yoga and learning about it as much as I can.

Please don't misunderstand me - I know you don't need or shouldn't feel the need to sign up for a monthly subscription of yoga goodies to get delivered to your door every month to learn more about yoga or to "grow as a yogi." What I'm saying is that BuddiBox contributes to helping me keep my passion for yoga alive, fresh and exciting. It also helps me feel more connected with the yoga community. It introduces me to new products and ideas that I would never explore otherwise, and for this, I love it.
BuddiBox contents Feb. 2015